Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tecumseh Vista Academy November 17, 2016

Tecumseh Vista visit is an annual visit for Santa and I. We are excited to be invited to see all the families that come to interview with the teaches and to see all the cool literacy events going on in the school. The student here seem to have lots of school spirit we are welcomed at the door by many student thanking us for coming  to their school.
As we walk down the halls you feel a positive energy being there. It is a warm welcoming feeling. 
Santa and I are great believers in the love of books. Books open the world you can travel in your mind anywhere in a good book. Reading increases the joy in the world. Knowledge is endless. Santa waiting for children to arrive.

Talking to children about what they would like for Christmas

Everyone seems to enjoy Santa Visits

I think Clifford could use some white so Santa and him would look more alike.

yes I had my photo taken also love the big red dog.

This was serious business.

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