Monday, 26 November 2018

Amherstburg Parade and visit at Gingerbread House 2018

Santa and I arrived early for the parade so we could see some of the floats and bands before the parade started.

The weather was a little misty not really raining but wet. It stopped just before we were walking around. We had lots of people come to talk to us and have their photo take with us .

Showing Santa his hat is like his hat.

After the parade was done Santa and I went to The Gingerbread House in Toddy Jones Park. There were lots of people waiting for us . We were greeted outside by a large crowd  big thank you to Maggie Durocher for assisting us through the crowd.

Inside there were lots of wonderful children of all ages. There was free hot chocolate and wonderful decorations. I was kept busy the whole time children wanting photos with Santa. There was a film crew filming for the town from MEDIA ADDICT from Harrow, Ontario . ( http.//

Cool decorations


Mom said be silly so they did

Santa in front of Santa Tr

On our way out of town just last minute photo of River Lights


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