Monday, 26 November 2018

Tree Lighting in Essex, Ontario 2018

We were so excited to be invited to Essex , Ontario by the Essex Business Association. It was such a beautiful night the weather was great. We  were greeted by children young and older(not old) who were excited to see us. Well mostly Santa but my fans seem to be growing. We were able to visit with many before Santa went over to help light the large tree .

Santa and I talked about how well mannered everyone was so a shout out to all those parents who taught your children manners you are doing a great job.

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Our first visitor of the night.



Foot boot and all still smiling and having fun with Santa.

 this guy could not smiling

she may not look happy but she was excited to tell Santa that she wanted a doll.

this little one was bundled up tight.

 These young men were  having a great time talking with Santa . They came back several times to make sure they could tell him their wishes.

Someone was not happy about meeting Santa and someone could not smiling

Santa helping the children light the tree

looking up into the tree

Us with Mayor Ron McDermott

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