Monday, 26 November 2018

Breakfast with Santa in Kingsville Ontario 2018

We went Kingsville , Ontario on Sunday Morning to have breakfast with our friends. Breakfast was to help raise money for The Festival of Lights. Santa loves to see everyone some of his friends from dinner were at breakfast.


Everyone appeared to be enjoying doing crafts lots of artistic people. Thanks to all the volunteers who set up the crafts and made breakfast happen.

She just wanted to keep hugging Santa

this is a beautiful photo of true love

This child was full of  joy and made Santa and I very happy and encouraged for the future

this child loved the big hall running and enjoying herself

Children were shy and a little afraid but Santa made sure their mother got a photo 

Santa was amazed at the wonderful artwork that this young lady did.

Santa with Kingsville's Mayor  Nelson Santos and his wonderful family

Beautiful landscape do you see anyone you know? Where is Santa?

Here he is climbing back up the hill

Thank you Kingsville for the wonderful time. I am sure we will be back soon.

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