Friday, 7 December 2018

Breakfast with Mayor in Amherstburg 2018

 Santa and I were invited to Amherstburg to have breakfast with Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. We visited with many children. Santa received many beautifully coloured pictures. I will be hanging them in various places around the workshop and our home. He has started scanning them and putting them on the computer so he can load them to his large digital screen in his office. He tells me it makes him happy to see so many talented children's art work.

Many families had their photos taken with Santa . Sometime I think the parents and grandparents were more excited then the children.

Our elves were having fun posing for the camera and being silly. We always bring young elves to help out at this event because they are learning to be working elves. Sometimes they are just so silly.

The decorations were wonderful.

The food was fabulous.

lots of converrsations

Santa took a break and went to the indoor Soccer area had so much fun playing with the children. The children had him doing many things. 

this young person want Santa to sit with him on the floor so Santa did.

this child was surprised when she turned around.

this was one soccer ball

I tried my hand at basketball

Santa played goalie

Hula Hooping Santa

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