Monday, 10 December 2018

POMBA Parents of Multiply Birth Association Windsor/Essex Cookies with Santa 2018

This event we saw many children that looked a lot a like.

these guys were only 6 weeks old.

Saw this little girl in the hall on our way to POMBA

Chatting with Santa

all set up 

This young man asked for a bow and arrow . Santa asked what he was going to shoot with the bow and arrow his answer was deer. Santa and I were so saddened we could not speak our poor reindeer.

having fun posing with Santa

 This series of photo show this young man warming up to Santa


finally sitting and smiling with Santa

then he did not want to leave

girls having fun with Santa

not happy boys but they stayed long enough

to get these photos

more questions

this is Santa's number one fan . We look forward to seeing him every year.

comparing shoes with Santa

then with mom

back one more time before leaving.

The photographer who took photos for POMBA  not these photos. She is REVI PHOTOGRAPHY ...Crystal McLean

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