Friday, 9 December 2011

Belle River , Ontario

Tonight Santa and I were off to Belle River , Ontario. We had received some emails from two families in the area and Santa thought it would be nice to drop in. We first visited with Jayden and Joshua, Joshua appeared excited to see us. Jayden was not quite sure of what to make of us being in his home.Thanks to Jayden and Joshua for cookies that they freshly baked for Santa and I.

Our next visit was to see Brooke's family and friends. when we arrived at this location we could smell cookies baking mmm good. Santa has happy to see Brooke's mom Kim to make up for mi ssing her sock over the past years. He left some small gifts to help hold over until Christmas.and some Allan Candy Canes Canada's favourite Candy Cane . We were happy to take photos with everyone. Thanks to Brooke's family for the lovely card and cookies


  1. Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for the blog....I have been following you guys since you visited us at our Navidad party 2 weeks ago. You're outfits are beautiful !

  2. wow great new style cant wait for him to come down our chimney


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